Motion Appétit! was founded in 2018. This community is a selection of animations and illustrations, featuring today’s best designers. 


Since it's creation, Motion Appétit! has grown rapidly.

Today, it reaches thousands of followers with every post.

It exists to enable creativity to thrive and help new artists

to challenge themselves in this changing industry.

The artistic team behind the account curates todays most dynamic and creative animations,

from motion design to cell animation.


Every now and then, we invite an artist to take over our instagram account. By sharing their ways of living and methods of work, artists help the motion community to grow...


We also host an awesome event each year, in London, gathering la crème de la crème of our industry


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Every two weeks, we invite a creative to take over our instagram account.
They share one day of their life and methods of work through a dozen stories.
This creates an inspiring and informing environment for people in the creative industry.



Do you want a chance to take over our instagram account for a day? Create a 3 to 5 seconds 2D animation featuring your name and ours and you might be the one.

Tag us or use #motionappetit




©2020 by Gabriel Murgue.

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Adrien Ghenassia

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